Hard enough? “War machine 4” total capacity has exceeded 100GB

Article source:Unblocked Games

With the rapid development of game development technology today, when the big game has not only “burn” your graphics card and CPU disk, now even began to burn. A variety of capacity 50GB game after another, and even some games even double blue DVD are not installed, some of the content must be downloaded. “War machine 4” in the just launched, the capacity on the Win10 platform has reached a staggering 73GB. And now, with its own massive content after the update, the total capacity of the game more than 100GB!

Let “war machine 4” total capacity of more than 100GB of the update, is the new content from Valentine’s day, it adds a new game map, as well as some of the contents of the game. Such a huge game capacity, it takes several hours to download the game.

A game on the 100GB, according to the development of this, if you do not install a larger capacity of the hard disk, I am afraid that the future of a computer can not install several 3A masterpiece.


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