The number of money to spare! Nintendo Switch pre hot! Amazing sales

The famous game retailer GameStop spokesman confirmed the rumors for weeks: Nintendo Switch hot market demand, the amount of pre burst table.
GameStop Senior Sales Director Eric Bright said the market demand for this host is “huge”.
“We see a huge market demand for Switch.” At the same time, Bright hopes to be able to maintain the heat after hosting the sale.
“We don’t see any signs of slowing down. We hope this will continue for some time, “he said.
The number of Swtich pre WAL-MART has been swept away, the president of Nintendo more hope Switch can beat Wii. Last month, a report said there are 80% Japanese retailers, sold out distribution reservation amount.


“Beauty and the beast” new stills to reproduce the classic scene, invincible beauty


Disney real fairy tale masterpiece “beauty and the beast,” the new stills and studio photos, as Peier’s Emma Watson also boarded the current issue of the cover, smiling full of exquisite facial features.

Stills to restore the classic scenes of the classic animation, Belle and the beast hand in hand down the magnificent palace, will dance together, play a unblocked games; Beier wearing a cloak riding a white horse in the cold snow to find The beast of the castle; and Belle and the clock manager and the candlestick steward dialogue playful scene also to show, the bed decorated with gold ornaments luxury retro; Peer and Luke Evans played Gaston met in the town market, Gaston is full of love.

Live movie version of “beauty and the beast” by the same name by the Disney classic music animation adaptation, has directed the “Mr. Holmes”, “Twilight” Bill Condon directed, brought together Emma Watson, Dan Steven , Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, Ian McLean, Ivan McGregor and other power to send stars starring.

The film will be released on March 17, 2017 in China and the United States. And has decided to be held on February 27 in Disneyland in Shanghai Disneyland resort starry red carpet and movie premiere. By then, the four main characters Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gade and director Bill Condon will be fully present.

Hard enough? “War machine 4” total capacity has exceeded 100GB

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With the rapid development of game development technology today, when the big game has not only “burn” your graphics card and CPU disk, now even began to burn. A variety of capacity 50GB game after another, and even some games even double blue DVD are not installed, some of the content must be downloaded. “War machine 4” in the just launched, the capacity on the Win10 platform has reached a staggering 73GB. And now, with its own massive content after the update, the total capacity of the game more than 100GB!

Let “war machine 4” total capacity of more than 100GB of the update, is the new content from Valentine’s day, it adds a new game map, as well as some of the contents of the game. Such a huge game capacity, it takes several hours to download the game.

A game on the 100GB, according to the development of this, if you do not install a larger capacity of the hard disk, I am afraid that the future of a computer can not install several 3A masterpiece.


Angry birds is no longer brilliant, Rovio layoffs 10%

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What was unblocked games in 2009? Angry birds! The company has successfully obtained more than one billion downloads! But now we have to face layoffs.

Rovio Entertainment Oy may lay off 35 people, accounting for about 10% of the total number of employees. As part of a plan to try to restore growth, the company will restructure its animation business. Rovio said that its studio business changes will not affect the production of games or movies. The company’s spokeswoman, Kaisu Karvala, said the possible layoffs would affect Rovio’s animation division in Finland.

The spokeswoman said, we are working closely with the company’s staff to see how to organize our animation division to support its functions and management.”

This may be followed by layoffs the company had the hundreds of employees, the Finland company’s game “angry birds” success in the mobile games and Unblocked games, but they have not been able to copy obtained at the time of the experience. Although the game has been downloaded by one billion since 2009, but the success of the consumer interest is declining, which led to the company’s product sales slowdown, revenue and revenue decline. In addition to the development of new game products, the company is trying to build last year launched the The Angry Birds Movie, the film has been in China and the United States market has achieved good performance.

Rovio animated cartoons, including “angry birds” animated series short film “Angry Birds Toons”.


Chalk up a Record! “CS:GO” the God Niko transfer fee of $500 thousand

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After a period of time before the FaZe from the mouz clan which sign Niko, the person in the world at present “CS:GO” within the scope of the strength of one of the genius wearing a FaZe shirt, amazing value before the foreign media broke the Niko also caused no small waves, and that this time in order to get Niko FaZe the light is also under the original capital, the transfer fee has exceeded $500000, the transfer amount reached so far “CS:GO” occupation player of the highest transfer fee record.

Prior to the “CS:GO” player of the highest transfer fee record was created by the Belgian Scream, in 2015, the French team Titan spent $160000 from the hands of Gamers2 signed Scream. At that time, this transfer has caused no small stir.

But this time Niko transfer fee “the original record by more than three times, even so, the FaZe of the deal is still very satisfied, 500000 dollars for a world class rifleman, sniper deep AWPer, often able to produce 5 pistol spermicidally color camera, a 19 year old Almighty soldiers and can act as the command of the team. The deal at the “CS:GO” has entered the market for one year, but may become FaZe picked up a big cheap, Niko mousesports in effect during the past two years, personal ability has been recognized around the world, and repeatedly led the team achieved amazing results.

The European “CS:GO” famous analyst Thorin Niko also bluntly, although by continued to exploit their potential ability, trying to lead the old club mousesports into the forest of the strong single handedly, but according to the mousesports lineup, they were obviously not enough in today’s era of clash and get a piece of their own.

Overall, this time the Niko transfer in the “CS:GO” professional circles caused no small sensation, for both clubs, as well as Niko have been satisfied with the results of their own. After the old club mousesports get this $500000, you can have a big reshuffle of the existing lineup, the establishment of a more influential team in the lineup. The FaZe also in the “CS:GO” quickly into the commercial early with a mere 500 thousand dollars with a 19 year old only all rounder, both for reinforcing the existing lineup, or value unlimited potential of the Bosnian teenager with the deal, both can not lose. For Niko, adding to the rise of the FaZe, can also realize their personal value better, achieve more in the international arena, it can be said that this transaction does not exist losers, the three party is a win-win real each one takes what he needs.

Single army victory, Pakistan announced a total ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day

The Pakistan Supreme Court in Islamabad yesterday to 13 officially announced, immediately banned in Islamabad city government and the public all celebrate Valentine’s day, the reason is that the festival “does not conform to the traditions of islam”. At the same time, the court also asked the media not to promote or report on Valentine’s day news.

In recent years, the city of Pakistan to celebrate Valentine’s day has become more and more. However, some religious groups have protested that Valentine’s Day is “immoral”, and does not conform to Islamic traditions.
According to Pakistan, “dawn” reports, the Islamabad supreme court verdict, because someone had submitted a personal petition to the court, “Valentine’s Day” in “love” under the name of that life, naked and lewd behavior, violation of islam.
For people to celebrate Valentine’s day, Pakistan officials have made many statements. 1 years ago, President Mamnoun Hussein of Pakistan has said that Pakistan should try to avoid celebrating Valentine’s day, because it is a traditional western festival”. Northwest Pakistan area government Lockhart a year ago have barred the sale in Valentine’s Day cards and related items.

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Pokémon World Championships 2017 will be held in California


Pokémon company today announced the biggest event “Pokémon World Championships” this year will be in the United States California Anaheim held a formal news treasure card games and Pokémon.
Pokémon World Championships, is the highest level of the Pokémon can be in the international arena, organized by Play! Pokémon. From 2004 to start a year, only the first card game project, from the beginning of 2009, to join the video game project.Pok mon go is a very lightweight unblocked games.
This treasure can dream WCS 2017 in addition to the traditional game and card battle, will add at Wii U in March 18, 2016 to the war game “treasure dream fist” official contest, there should also be a considerable number of fans to participate in the dream of treasure treasure can dream festival.
Pokémon World Championships of the 2017 World Championships held in the specific time and location has not been officially released, but according to the years of practice, should be in the first half of the preliminaries in the world to elect a representative player, then in August officially held in the United States the world series.

Michael Bay new film set amazing: China has bought the United States

Media reports, Michael Bay served as producer of “Little America” dystopian film by universal pictures with formal distribution rights in the film set, Chinese had bought all over the United states……

Media reports, Michael bell served as producer of “Little America” dystopian film by universal pictures with formal distribution rights in the film set, Chinese had bought all over the United states……

The film script by screenwriter Rowan Athale penned “gally”, and is expected to serve as a director. The style of the film is similar to that of John’s “the great escape” of New York in 1981. The story takes place in the future of the world, then the president of the United States to bankrupt the country, in order to repay the debt Chinese, the United States has throughout by Chinese jurisdiction, many Americans to find new way of Chinese, and stay in the United States local residents unemployed and desperate. The daughter of a rich Chinese man who had been kidnapped in a poor country in the United States hired an American Marine Corps scout to rescue his daughter.
Look at this plot that is quite occasional, after all, many Americans to the prospects of the country after Trump took the worry, but also reflects the game between China and america. “Little America” by Michael Bay Platinum Dunes featuring production.