The 26 most famous photographs in the history of the world

Every one is a classic. Each one has a story. Or to bring about or think.

“The most famous kiss”
This is one of the most famous photos of kissing. In the face of this picture taken in public places, today’s people may think of the right to portrait, privacy, such a word, in fact, it does lead to a portrait of the lawsuit. But that doesn’t stop it from spreading around the world.

Victory day in Times Square
When the news of the end of the Second World War reached New York’s Times Square, a soldier in the ecstasy of the United States Navy arms around the strange nurse next to her and kissed her. Photo appeared in the “Times” magazine, is a reflection of the end of the war after the people relaxed and happy mood of excellent works. 40 years later, Ethan Start in the newspaper advertisements found the two photos in the men and women, they have a son and grandchildren of Grandpa and grandma.

Trap prelude
The painter painted a nude picture of his girlfriend in his coat, which was a “trap” orchestrated by the photographer on the Senna river.

A dog man suddenly stopped into the photographer designed “trap”

The eyes of suffering
The winter of 1948 to the spring of 1949, photographer Bresson has interviewed Chinese of Peiping, Nanjing, Shanghai City, the sad boy photos, is to buy rice in Nanjing people’s team captured the. Photos reveal the misery and suffering of the Chinese people.

Hungry Sultan
This photo is Kevin Carter, winning the 1994 Pulitzer news feature photography award. It is a Sultan girl, is hungry shoot on his knees, and the vultures are not far behind the girl, a picture of a girl waiting for prey look at fiercely as a tiger does. This shocking picture of the world, attracted many criticism and questioning. When people have inquired about the whereabouts of the little girl, unfortunately, Carter also do not know. His journalism’s role in pressing the shutter after drove the eagle to the little girl some food and water, and finally looked at the little girl. After he was awarded the highest honor in this life for two months, Carter died Dutch act. The moral condemnation, may be one of the reasons the end of Carter helpless life? Around us, there are countless images in the form, in the event, the shutter, you whether I can only press the lens and indifferent to life, miss?

Omar IRA pain
In November 13, 1985, Columbia Ruiz volcano erupted, the mountain snow melts after mixed with debris flow down the slopes, almost swallowed near a mellow Town, a devastating disaster. Third days after the volcano, the The Associated Press’s French photographer Frank Fournier rushed to the scene to interview. At the scene found a 12 year old girl, Omar is two ridges in the middle of the card has been inextricably bogged down in, her spine injured, although Fournier had worked as a surgeon, but also incapable of action. Only when he took the little girl that beautiful and strong face, from time to time to talk with her. Hope to strengthen the strength and confidence of her life. When the ambulance arrived, she had been in the mud for 60 hours. Although the little girl accepted the treatment, but still dead. Fournier’s waiting at the side, Omar has been photographed, the last shot of the little girl buried. In this group of photos won the twenty-ninth WPP news series first prize, the full performance of the little girl suffered crowning calamity can still maintain a calm look in 1985 was rated the best news photos.

Breaking a mirror, two children in the other children to pick up debris, quietly watching, like the wrong people that fear. At the same time, the world is still in their running, which is published in the 1981 issue of “observation” one book, 68 series of street photography in fourteenth, and it is also one of the most proud of the work.

Small adults
Photo of three American girls in Seville an alley “interview”. This picture has become the United States for a period of time to sell second of the postcard. photos of three American girls in Seville an alley “interview”. This picture has become the United States for a period of time to sell second of the postcard.

The railway side of the store
A railway Alabama on the side of the store, a reproduction of the United States in 30s: rural rich variety of fruits and fish, as well as the owner of the shop neatly dressed. But soon, the United States economy entered the great depression. This is the reason why this photo was recalled.

Bresson exercises
This picture of the subject matter is not significant, but a well-known masterpiece is Bresson. A boy: two hands, each holding a big bottle, smug going home, as if to complete a glorious and arduous task. The characters in the picture, the mood is very natural and real.

In the streets of New York in 105, a child will be directed at the photographer shot gun. “He is only 11 years old, he learned all the hideous.” Klein recalled: “of course, he is a fake gun, he was playing with the children in the United States but is also used to play a game of streets and lanes. But in my view, thismoment is no longer a child’s game.”

A little boy with a hand grenade
Abbos’s style is a fantasy world and the ideology of the world is not harmonious. Between the bright sunshine as the picture in the park and two pear trees, and beautiful scenery and children with obvious terror and cruel expression.

The cat is a cat
This is not a pot of soup. 8 week old cat hululu too want to know what is the owner of the dinner, it is surrounded by a surface pot spinning, until a set……

You first please
Cat Terry and dog Tomson are deciding who will be under the mouth. Flickertail Jim never thought, the owner left home on his way to becoming the two “friends” dinner. All three of them are Mark’s pets. In front of the owner, they seem to be intimate partners.

The well-dressed young Americans wear the badge reads: “God bless America, support our children in vietnam.” But the fact is the opposite of his expectations. The United States more and more deeply involved in the war is not only the North Vietnamese army to retreat, but let more children lost their lives in a foreign country. The Museum of modern art in the United States.

This is in retreat in the United States Marines, Duncan shows the real show ingenuity, extreme cold. In 1950 the United States Marines in the Korean War, before the winter war has been good. At that time, Macarthur’s men overestimated their own strength, thought they were going smoothly to North Korea, they are unexpectedly by China Korean troops back. General Smith’s words made their defeat even more famous: “Withdraw? …..! Go aheaad to the wrong We drection!”

Churchill Winston
This is an anecdotal story about the photograph: in January 27, 1941, Churchill, who had just opened the meeting, took a few pictures of the firm and strong in the 10 Downing street. However, cigar Churchill seems too easy, inconsistent with Carter assumed leadership charm, so Carter stepped forward and took the cigar out of the leader’s mouth, Churchill was surprised, he was Carter’s move has angered. In a moment he glared at Carter, Carter pressed the shutter. This photo in the world wide, become a symbol of Britain during World War II, this is Churchill photos of the most famous one.

The temperature of rotation
This photo is Doisneau, 1953 in a street. During this time, he took a lot of photos. She worked in her parents’ circus, in fact, she was a strip dancer, a snail called “passion.””. On the “strong contrast temperature” fascinated by her performance brought by the source: pitch dark, extremely poor conditions, even the street can go in to her toil. Outside is very bright. This clearly shows the contrast between public and private spaces.

Monroe – Marilyn
The photo was taken in 60s by the famous Hollywood actress Monroe Marilyn. Although Bresson was captured in Monroe inadvertently when the photos, but from this moment frozen, seized the elegant demeanor and a born beauty model.


Her name is Margaret Mather.
This sitting posture human body to make Weston’s human body photography reaches its peak condition, is also one of the greatest classics of human body photography, and thus produced a series of abstract human body art.

Good afternoon
This photo is a classic in the history of photography. Only a wounded bandage naked woman is so quiet and without a trace of indecency. It comes from the Mexico photographer ManuelAlvarez Bravo. The man lived a full one hundred years, from 1902 to 2002. He is a masterpiece of modern history of photography in the 1938 film works “siesta” evaluation: good good sunshine, in the erosion of the old wall, an old Plaid blanket, thigh, ankle and wrist bandage nude girls lying face, tranquil and comfortable; around the blanket is a cactus, give this sweet nap to bring some ominous — if the girl stand up, will be stabbed cactus. In this work more than and 60 years later, it still remains in the dangerous scene, release a great tension. It is obvious that this fable, but also means the fable lurking very deep, makes it hard to be out of statements, so in the face of the painting, the viewer to feel a tranquil beauty, but on the other hand, have a sense of anxiety, similar to the feeling of aphasia. Actually, the distance between art and pornography is more than we thought.

The murderer who killed Kennedy was shot
“Oswald appeared. I raised my camera, aware that someone was coming out of the crowd. He took three steps forward. I press the shutter. Until I heard the shot did not know what had happened. I took another picture when people rushed to Ruby. But the flash does not work, it is too late to charge. I’ve been worried about the first photo. Did I press the shutter too early? It was almost two hours before I was able to get out of the prison and go back to the office to get the pictures out. The shutter did not press too early.”

Country doctor
In 1948, Smith was the “life” magazine sent to Colorado, Milin took a job in her doctor. This time her trip to Milin also contributed to the birth of Smith, the first set of photographic works. Smith, as a war correspondent with the United States Air Force came to the battlefield of the Pacific war. But in the end, because of his achievements are not edited by the affirmative, Smith was dismissed. He thinks that if used properly, “great power” photography will promote improvement and understanding, he thought that photography is not practical in advance how to arrange, more important is its content can be of different levels and different levels of readers to comprehend. Like the smoke, holding almost no touch of coffee, Jerry doctor that Smith was caught between now and the next time the feeling of life.

In 1975 the Commonwealth football finals, including Queen Elizabeth, British politicians gathered on the rostrum. This sleek streaker Australia. Austria. Accountant Michel Brian is running over the stadium before. According to reports, in the face of this embarrassing scene, the Queen almost fainted. Later, Brian with “destructive to the morals of sin” was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

For blood bags! No head to go forward! | HeadLess

“Headless” is a fun Parkour game. Operation of the chicken in a dangerous farm run, because the head was chopped so no head of chickens have been bleeding. Collect the blood bag on the road, you can extend your life, run a little longer.

Game Goal

Control Headless to run forward, as far as possible to eat blood bags, to maintain a longer number of!
The remote village, a spree through the village, the mood is a little better, so the whole village chickens killed. Except for this one, only this one has a strong sense of survival! The head did not stop bleeding in the neck, in order to survive, rushed head rush, there is fresh blood bag on the road ahead, do not check blood type does not match, it will know eat chicken. At the beginning of the game when the headless is already in a running state, see its vigorous pace and posture, than what the headless fly can be a lot better. The headless only keep blood, in order to ensure their own blood flow will not die.

This is a very simple unblocked games, often play Parkour game. Control the headless run, avoid obstacles, to red blood bag in all their blood before. Click on the chicken can make it quickly jumped up and ran, click can let it continue flying in the air, and the high jump. In order to increase the fun, there are a lot of very interesting props for the use of a chicken without a head! Well yes, there must be God props aid! Other props to the game found it!
The game screen is made of white and gray style, should be in order to highlight the red blood dripping alone soared. Another picture of the game in the houses, trees, poles, small hills, gray sky do very layered is very delicate, with a pencil drawing style. The picture is better than the dynamic game sound, lively rhythm music make you feel this is a die at any time the headless chicken run, there is a let you keep the dash forward momentum.

Must be sure to remember to be in the blood before the light under the blood bag, hide open on the blade, no head chicken really will die!

Enjoy your shooting trip! |1941 Frozen Front


Lead German forces on the rise towards the East or defend mother Russia on the Soviet side.Choose the right tactic of warfare and earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the FROZEN FRONT,Feel the shock of World War ii! German Fascist invasion of the Soviet territory, the largest scale of the human history of the ground war broke out! In a world of ice and snow of the north land, a good and evil life and death battle will begin: and you will be as the protagonist, the personal interpretation of this thrilling historical battles! According to the plot, game player can command German forces growing towards Eastern, can also be representative of the Soviet Union to defend their own country, while experiencing the crazy invasion plan, led by the Allied side of justice launched counter attack, the invaders out of their homes. The real history of the aircraft, tanks and other types of arms as you drive, all kinds of tactics, arms, as you choose array. Other units, different terrain features on the battlefield, everything depends on your wisdom, reproduce this history with brilliant victories and excellent record! Prove yourself, you are “frozen” in front of 1941 of the best commander!


– FIGHT through the bone-chilling cold of the 1941 Eastern Front!
– COMBAT enemy positions with tanks and infantry!
– SHOOT hostile headquarters with mighty bomber wings!
– EMPLACE your artillery in rough terrain!
– SUPPLY your army with goods and ammunition!
– DEFEND yourself against superior numbers of enemies!



– The theme of World War II strategy classic, authentic real battlefield to restore;
– Exquisite exquisite game screen; exciting and realistic sound;
– The thrilling task campaign, a comprehensive and detailed tutorial for newcomers;
– Support as many as 5 people, more than people, alone Le Le Le le;
– The historical units based on Allelopathy bring endless challenges;
– Hexagonal grid map brings the best overall experience!


Release your hand of God, to create it ! | Doodle Creatures

Introduction to the game

Doodle Creatures is a puzzle game developed by developer JoyBits Co Ltd. Players play the role of God, so that different animals combine to create hundreds of wonderful and unique creatures, and then find out the answer to this question.Here players can use their brains to play, only you can not think of no game can not do, all kinds of strange DNA, a variety of different creatures can be seen in the game.
The unblocked games is played by constantly scanning animals to get new genes, and then animals and new genes to create a new species. All the puzzles and tasks provided in the “graffiti life” can meet the needs of all levels of players, as long as your imagination is rich enough to be able to break down and create. Of course, the game also provides a variety of props for the player to choose to complete the game as soon as possible, and these props in the form of design do not have a flavor. For example, the use of a light bulb will prompt elements from existing props can create what elements, two light bulbs will be shown to react with animal groups, there are more advanced incandescent lamp can automatically for a game player reaction. In addition, there is no duplication, display the final elements and other features of the props, with the help of these artifacts will be more easy to clearance.
As a brain hole wide open puzzle unblocked games, “biological” graffiti game full of sci-fi, white yellow hair nurse is charming and enchanting. This unblocked games screen production is quite delicate, colorful, the overall background to blue mainly, and the theme of science fiction mutual. The game design for a variety of animal icons are very strong color of love, let the game player suddenly found childhood pictures know things feel most incisive from domestic animals to animals, from insects to birds and fish of all kinds are depicted, very real. In the performance of the DNA, the game clever use of a regular hexagon to replace all kinds of DNA, graphics on the painting has a variety of patterns to represent the properties of DNA, a very clear image.
Games for each button to add a voice, every click will be issued a crisp sound, but also according to the button function of the different sounds will be different, this is still relatively good. After all, as a puzzle game, you cannot be too much requirement for the sound, the focus is to divert attention to the content of the game.


Wonderfully unique concept! –
It’s addictive. Insanely so! Lots of fun.” – 148Apps
I would recommend buying it, definitely worth it!” – 



* Puzzles for All ages and skill levels.
* Create hundreds of different Creatures in cool sandbox game play.
* Clever Quests designed to test your skill.
* Build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory.
* Cool “Did You Know That” feature that tells you about your creations.
* Intuitive one-click game play encourages thoughtful, creative play.
* Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.
* Kid-friendly and educational game play!

Dark Lands, Please note that you hang up a little!

Sounds scary music style coupled with black and white color picture of the game, the one called “Dark Lands” Parkour Adventure game, although you have armed equipment, but in the face of strong enemy, but you didn’t have any say God bless outside the way, who told you just a ordinary human.

The use of black and white main color has been in a variety of games in the actual show before, but this picture of the game highlights are still quite prominent, especially the role of the blood out of a black and white hurricane style in stark contrast to the game level design pattern more, in addition to poor horrible evil monsters and various organs be brutal and inhuman. In fact, as human beings, our maneuverability is strong enough, the two jump not to say, the height of the jump is considerable, slide time is relatively long, and the fighting is flexible, but in front of kichiku levels, no matter how you NB is a kneeling word, yes, this game most of the time in all of a sudden, unless you have some reflex superhuman powers away from it all.
Complain about, but have to say, it is because of this’ torture ‘human design, makes the game greatly enhanced, in the process of playing constantly surprises, also can summarize the experience from Yuezhanyueyong, actually playing behind mercury was found, when the game is not required to play home must face the monster the other beat, as mentioned above, shrinkage is the best way to egg clearance, in the absence of exact odds, the use of motorized force role around them is the priority among priorities of the game play, have separate little strange words, but can not stop by the attack button and they fight a fight, vent is often large beat strange burst of anger.
Of course, you can upgrade their equipment and property, to achieve a pure deterrence, as long as you put the value of life, attack, agile three attributes to the full level, and get the best helmet, breastplate, leg, shoes, these weapons and equipment, basically you will become a person. Kill kill the Buddha Buddha block ‘monster’, I believe you are afraid of looking at the real monster, but it has a price, you have to exchange your most expensive things RMB=w=.
The unblocked games is divided into survivors and two survivors of adventure mode, need to challenge the world without end game player down, to reach their limit and to advance the system is the level of adventure, mercury here we recommend to challenge survival mode after the first adventure mode in the familiar level, after all, survival mode contains all Adventure trap design the level of the.
The disadvantage of the game is not, if the actor battle action more, the horrors of death and rich point is good, in general very worthy of a play, you can even let the protagonist die to vent usually cannot all vent pressure oh