“Pokemon GO” success for Google ATAP sit still

Pokemon GO” Since its release, the world has captured countless players, it is also a game that really blew AR gaming market, although now “Pokemon GO” the number of players has begun to decline, but it gives Inspiration market still can not be ignored, and now there is a lot of hand travel vendors brains develop AR games, and concealed many black technology Google and doing it, of course, is keeping pace with the times ah.

Recently, users found that Google had opened a job posting, the recruitment corresponds ATAP department recruits experts for the senior unblocked game, a move intended to create a new social mobile games.

Speaking of ATAP (The Advanced Technology and Projects) sector, may we all too familiar with, perhaps you have the impression that some of Google X more dazzling, in fact, ATAP for Google is also a very important sector, the most well known Tango 3D mobile phone, Ara modular phone is dominated ATAP and ATAP sector there are still many projects is being carried out, without exception, these projects are high-tech brain-hole crystals.

This time recruitment jobs have Creative Directo and Mobile Games Enginee, responsibility is “Propose, design, and implement services to help manage large amounts of user data for multiplayer gaming”, while the creative director should be familiar with Unity 3D game development tools, from the game concept design, storyboards, copy, and then to express the design needs to have a relatively unique insight and experience, and even requires the ability to collaborate with product managers to design the mechanisms of the unblocked games.

As for the specific names and details of the project, ATAP did not disclose, but mentioned the company hopes to find more experienced developers (engaged in related work for more than eight years) to ensure that the project can proceed smoothly, but also stated the need to to develop a cross-platform, shared server development framework to support the aid work sharing to achieve large-scale social events, this requirement is quite high.